Shi By Alfred Sung

Inspired by a perfect water drop. The clarity of Water Lily and fig Leaves in the top note of this luminous floral fragrance, flows into an aura of feminine tranquility at the core, with the airy radiance of Orange Blossom and Frangipani. The flow is completed as a unique Water Musks accord breathes softness around Silver Birch, ending the cycle with a renewing calm.

Excerpts from reviews on MakeupAlley:

This is my first love when it comes to perfume. Got it years ago in college, and it is still my favorite. Smells fresh, light, beautiful, and never overbearing.

I really like this perfume and i got a big bottle and a small lil travel one at sams club for 30 bucks. The only thing is, it doesnt stay on me for a long time, maybe it is due to my body chemistry, but i love the smell. it is light and fresh and just puts you in a good mood....

I love this scent. It smells clean and feminine but is not at all musky, flowery, or overpowering. I noticed that others have complained that it does not last--well, when you're wearing the same scent all day, your nose becomes naturally desensitized. Others can still smell it. This fragrance is a great scent to wear to work.

This is my everyday scent. It's a very clean, fresh floral and a couple sprays last all day. It's feminine, but simple and not too girly and I love the teardrop shaped bottle. Highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a fragrance that smells "fresh."

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